Tiger Tuesday TY

Tiger Tuesday: November, 30 - Video Tribute: https://bit.ly/TigerTuesdaySubsVolunteersPTOsSROs

Dr. David Robertson, Assistant Superintendent, offers words of appreciation today for four incredibly important groups: Substitutes, Volunteers, Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO), and School Resource Officers (SRO). 

Substitutes keep our doors open - WCS recognizes their importance and appreciates them giving their time & talents to allow teachers to take time away from the classroom for professional development, personal days, and family & medical leave. Our substitute bus drivers are essential for daily routes and for special events. To all who step up in this capacity, we thank you!

There’s a reason we are called Warsaw COMMUNITY Schools - our middle name reminds us how dependent we are on COMMUNITY. Our volunteers help in classrooms, at athletic events, during extracurricular activities, and on district & school committees. Volunteers enrich the lives of students and staff - helping us live the mission. To all who have donated an hour, a day, a week, a month, or more, we thank you!

Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO) & Parents as Partners in Education (PPE) across the district make life better for ALL students and staff. Their efforts provide gifts & grants for classrooms, treats & encouragement for staff, fundraising for student materials & resources. We could not (and would not want to) imagine life without our awesome PTOs & PPEs.  To all who have sent in an item, donated money, served at an event, or used your creative gifts to put a smile on the face of someone in one of our schools, we thank you!

School Resource Officers (SRO) help WCS in multiple ways. They are a source of expertise on safety, a friend to our students, teach & lead as DARE Officers, and a reminder of how we are better together. To all SROs who have stepped into one of our buildings or athletic events, we thank you for your service.

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