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ID English
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Today's the day! #ExperienceWCS
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Talent Show
Mr. McClintock recently brought his knowledge of meteorites, as well as many specimens, to share with Jefferson's 5th-graders. How lucky is our school to still benefit from all things "Mr. Mac"?! ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Meteor Mac
Jefferson's 5th-grade visited Pisgah Marsh in North Webster. Students participated in three different stations: birdwatching and identification, tree and leaf identification, and how soil is different at high points versus low points, which included taking soil samples at both high points and low points to show the different layers of the soil and how it separates. ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Kindergarten students recently celebrated the end of a unit about Community Helpers. First, they took a community walk to start thinking about community and what kind of people are in a community. Then over several weeks, various community helpers came in to talk to the students about what they do, tools they use, and the children were able to ask them questions. Students met many different helpers, including an eye doctor, dance teacher, engineer, professor, and more. During this time, students dove into five main categories of community helpers: those who keep us safe, keep us healthy, give us information, provide goods and services, and build and repair. Students were given a category, and they worked together to create a poster of their category and practiced presenting it. The culmination of study was the Community Helpers Showcase, where community helpers and parents came to visit and see all the things the children had worked hard to learn. The students even created cards to say thank you to our community helpers and gave them out at the showcase. Photos by Miss Kohler. #ExperienceWCS
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Tomorrow—Friday, May 10, 2024—is the final day of this school year to bring in deposits for Via Credit Union Student Branch accounts. Image: CC0 from Pixabay
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time is money
It's School Nurse Day, and we have The Best! #ExperienceWCS
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School Nurse Day
Mark your calendars for our annual Talent Show, which raises money for Riley Hospital for Children. #ExperienceWCS
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Talent Show
Jefferson Spartan Graduation Season is here! #ExperienceWCS
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K graduation
6th graduation
It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Sending a kind note or email to those who work with your children can really brighten a day, because good words matter! 😊 ​ #ExperienceWCS
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Teacher Appreciation
Jefferson students have been taking advantage of our beautiful weather to head down to Cherry Creek for some hands-on learning, led by Mr. Chuck and Mr. McClintock, with the assistance of our school's STEM Ambassadors. Students have previously prepared by studying macroinvertebrates and simulating exploration of the creek. Now, they are actually at Cherry Creek, finding and identifying macroinvertebrates...FOR REAL! How cool is THAT?! ​ Photos provided by Ms. Shubhra. ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Today we celebrate "School Lunch Hero Day." Jefferson's crew makes their job look like a piece of cake and is definitely the apple of our eye! ​ #ExperienceWCS
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lunch heroes
Jefferson's "Citizens of the Month" for April had the perfect May day to throw in a line on the canal at The Village at Winona. Pleased smiles (and photographic evidence) suggest that fish were indeed caught! ​ Photo credits: Mike Baker #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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May fishing1
May fishing2
May fishing3
May fishing4
May fishing5
With guidance by Mr. Chuck and Mr. Mac, kindergarten and 1st grade students are continuing their preparation for an upcoming visit to Cherry Creek by donning waders and using nets to scoop up "practice macroinvertebrates," all from the comfort of the gym lobby! #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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creek prep1
creek prep2
creek prep3
Field Day is a short 23 days away (May 24th), and we are in need of as many Bunch O Balloons as you're willing to donate! Kids L-O-V-E water balloons on the last day of school, and we rely on your kind generosity each year to continue to make this happen. ​ Please drop off any quantity of the self-sealing water balloons only (brand name Bunch O Balloons) in the school office. We so appreciate your help with this! ​ #ExperienceWCS
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Bunch O Balloons
It's National School Principal's Day! Shout-out to Mr. Wall!
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Mr. Wall
Everyone is invited to the 1st & 2nd grade music program tonight! #ExperienceWCS
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Spring program
Come one, come all! Tonight is STEM Family Night at Jefferson, starting at 6pm! #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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STEM Night 4/30
The month of May is knocking on the door, and at Jefferson that means SPARTAN SENIOR BREAKFAST! We love honoring our former Jefferson 6th graders who are ready to take the next big step: Graduation from High School! Please use this form to RSVP: We can't wait to see you again! #ExperienceWCS
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Senior Breakfast
Earlier today, Jefferson students participated with all WCS Elementary Robotics Clubs in a showcase competition at the TRAC, supported by the Zimmer Biomet Foundation and Warsaw Community Schools. ​ Photo credits: Ms. Shubhra ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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