Occasionally the stars align, and four, former, successive Jefferson principals all end up at the same event (6th Grade Green Energy Expo), AND someone remembers to take a picture! Pictured are Mr. Josh Wall (2020–present), Mr. Kyle Carter (2014–2020), Mr. David Robertson (2012–2014), and Mr. Denny Duncan (circa 1994–2012). Mr. Carter and Mr. Robertson both had sons presenting in the Green Energy Expo, and Mr. Duncan had a GRANDson presenting. How fun is that?! Jefferson's roots run deep. #ExperienceWCS #WCSmission
3 months ago, Jefferson Spartans
Fab Four
Jefferson's recent 6th Grade Green Energy Expo was the culmination of work done through a Project-Based Learning unit on Green Energy. The unit was designed to correlate with Jefferson's pillars for STEM. It incorporated the informational writing standard. The students explored various Green Energy jobs and chose one to research further. They then had to write a 7-paragraph paper telling about the career. The second component to this unit was the presentation. Students were partnered with others who had a similar job. They had to create a 5-minute presentation that combined a visual and verbal component to address their individual careers, how they work together, and how they can be beneficial to our community. Classes, parents, and community partners were invited to come see the presentations on Thursday afternoon, December 14th. Information provided by Mrs. Jennifer Long, 6th-grade teacher. #ExperienceWCS #WCSmission
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Mark your calendars for one week from tonight for the Spartan Singers Holiday Concert. #ExperienceWCS
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Spartan Singers Concert
We are sad to report that the book fair, both online and in-person, have concluded for this year. Even though the online fair said it would be open through today, Dec. 9, the company reported that this date discrepancy was a "time-zone bug" and something they are working on. We hope that everyone found a reading treasure or two. Your support means the world to our Jefferson Library. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
3 months ago, Jefferson Spartans
If you didn't find the book you wanted at the Literati Book Fair, do not fear! You still have through tomorrow, Saturday, December 9th to shop at our ONLINE FAIR! The selection is vast, and books will be shipped to Jefferson prior to Christmas Break. https://efairs.literati.com/?school=jefferson-elementary-school-winona-lake-in Every purchase helps our Jefferson Library! Thank you for your support!
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Shopping Terpstras
Check out this update on our Adopt-a-Spartan Christmas program. #ExperienceWCS #WCSmission
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Adopt-a-Spartan update
The Literati Book Fair has arrived at Jefferson and will be open the week of December 4th–8th! Grown-ups may shop Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 9:00am–10:00am, Wednesday from 9:00am–4:00pm, and Thursday evening at Winterfest from 5:30pm–7:30pm. Along with a large variety of books and journals, we also have ten different posters available ($4.75 each + tax) and some small stocking stuffers: bookmarks, scented erasers (always a big hit), fancy pens, etc. Of course, online shopping is always open (books only) through December 9th at https://efairs.literati.com/?school=jefferson-elementary-school-winona-lake-in . ​ Thank you for guiding your children as they discover "just right" books for them! We truly appreciate your support of literacy and our Jefferson Library. ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSmission
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🌊 Dive Into Fun with WCHS Open Swim! 🌊 🗓️ December Swim Times (schedule may vary):Mondays & Wednesdays: 7:15-9 PM #WCHSOpenSwim #WCSmission
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Dec Pool
Mark those calendars for one week from tonight for Jefferson's annual Winterfest! #ExperienceWCS #WCSmission
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Winterfest 1
Winterfest 2
Don't forget that this evening is our November STEM Family Night! We hope to see you there!
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STEM Night Nov.
As a quick reminder, our Literati Online Book Fair is open NOW through December 9th. There's no need to wait in long lines at Winterfest or be disappointed by out-of-stock items. Shop online from the comfort of your own home and find the best selection without any hassles. Your books will be delivered to the school before Christmas Break, and each purchase greatly benefits the Jefferson Library. (Check with your child's teacher to see if s/he has a classroom wish list, too!) Thanks for considering! https://efairs.literati.com/?school=jefferson-elementary-school-winona-lake-in
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Literati Online Fair open
Macy's may have the most famous Thanksgiving balloon parade, but Jefferson's version may just be the cutest and most enthusiastic. For a third year, Jefferson's 1st-grade students were the stars of the hallway with their own version of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mrs. Nicki Reeder, 1st-grade teacher, shared, "We begin by reading the book, Balloons Over Broadway, to learn about how the Macy's parade began. We also discuss Problem and Solution and how Tony Sarg persevered and tried various ways to make his balloons bigger and better. Students then choose their storybook character and designed their balloon. Students have to think about what color balloon they need, as well as the materials they will use to make their balloon look like their chosen character. This leads to discussions about the size of the character's facial features, aiming to ensure that they are large enough for spectators to see." What results is a special and fun celebration for everyone, from the 1st-grade participants to the cheering, mostly older students who line the halls for this now-annual event. Participating classes are led by Jefferson's amazing 1st Grade Team of Mrs. Nicki Reeder, Mrs. Jessica Luchenbill, and Miss Liz Moore. #ExperienceWCS #WCSmission
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Shop our online Literati Book Fair NOW from the comfort of your home for the best and most extensive selection of books for your holiday gift-giving and beyond! Avoid the long lines in the library during Winterfest, all while helping the Jefferson Library with each and every purchase! Thank you for supporting literacy AND the Jefferson Library! https://efairs.literati.com/?school=jefferson-elementary-school-winona-lake-in The online Literati Book Fair is open through 12/9/23. Books will be delivered to the school after the close of the in-person fair and before Christmas Break. #WCSmission #ExperienceWCS
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Tuesday, December 12th is going to be a blast! Plan to attend the Jefferson Skate Party from 6–8pm!
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Skate Party
Skate Party (Spanish)
Winterfest will be here soon! Plan to attend for all the reasons you've come to love: crafts, trees, music, treats, and the Literati Book Fair. The date is Thursday evening, December 7th, from 5:30–7:30pm. #ExperienceWCS
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Winterfest 2023
Winterfest 2023 (Spanish)
It's not too early to be thinking about and planning for Jefferson's Annual Festival of Trees at Winterfest (12/7/23). Find all the info in the photos!
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Festival of Trees Rules
Festival of Trees
4th grade students will be presenting tomorrow afternoon at the Famous Hoosier Wax Museum. See photo for all the details!
4 months ago, Jefferson Spartans
Hoosier Wax Museum
Jefferson will once again host an Adopt-a-Spartan-for-Christmas tree to help provide a happier holiday season for some of our own students. Please see photo(s) for details and help if you can! #ExperienceWCS
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Info 1
Info 2
It can be difficult to sum up something like a Veterans Day Program in mere photos alone, because so much of what is experienced can't be captured by a camera. Instead, it must be experienced. Mrs. Dawn Engler, Jefferson's Music Teacher, does a phenomenal job with this each year. She begins early on, working with classes, helping students learn the songs and also teaching them the importance of the gift of their voices to our veterans. The result is nothing short of heartwarming and for some veterans, emotional. It truly is a gift to them and to everyone else fortunate enough to be in attendance. #ExperienceWCS
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The Pettys
Color Guard
Mr. Wall
Mrs. Engler
Flag ceremony
6th Grade Singers
Spartan Singers
While we've gotten a great start toward our goal of 2,500 canned/non-perishable items for this year's Food Drive, we still have a little over a week left to bring in even more! Our target date of Monday, November 20th is looming, and we need your help to succeed! Please consider picking up some extra items this weekend while out shopping for your family. We are grateful to live in this caring community and can't wait to present Combined Community Services with [at least!] 2,500 canned/non-perishable items for their food bank. Together, we can help ALL of our neighbors have a joyous holiday season. Thank you in advance! #ExperienceWCS
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Food Drive