Our Mission is to inspire and equip all students to CONTINUOUSLY  acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.

In November 2019, Warsaw Community School and SmallBox convened a group of community leaders, school staff, and students to celebrate the work of the current strategic plan, highlight WCS’s mission and vision, and begin to imagine the next five years through a series of group activities and conversations. 

In February 2020, we released and promoted a community-wide survey to gather input and feedback about the current and future state of WCS from any who wished to participate. 

In March 2020, we held two days of focus groups with students (elementary, middle, and high school), parents, teachers, alumni, employers, and nonprofit and government representatives. Participants were asked to dream about what they envision for Warsaw graduates – sharing their experiences, ideas, and wishes for the future. 

In June 2020, we conducted three days of one-on-one community interviews, closing out six months of listening and research. 

In October 2020, we convened a large group of stakeholders (community leaders and school staff) to collaboratively define strategies, actions, and key metrics that will ensure each pillar of the strategic plan can be achieved and measured over the next five years. 

In November 2020, this work culminated in the release of a new strategic plan. 

2020 Strategic Pillars: