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What is DLI?

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language in meaningful contexts.

Students enrolled in DLI spend half of their school day with a Spanish-speaking teacher and the other half with the partner English-speaking teacher. Rather than learn Spanish through Spanish language lessons, the Spanish-speaking teacher develops students’ Spanish literacy through the Kindergarten content. WCS’s adopted curriculum will be used and instruction will be divided between two highly qualified, caring, and creative teachers.

We have modeled our DLI program after the Utah Department of Education’s state-funded program, and we utilize their research-based model, resources, and best practices.

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Students learning in dual language immersion

How is the program structured?

The English-speaking teacher will teach reading and writing, as well as portions of other content areas (social studies, science, math) for half of the day. The Spanish-speaking teacher will use the other half of the day to teach Spanish literacy, mathematics, and portions of other content areas using only Spanish. From day one, the Spanish teacher speaks only Spanish and communicates using a wide range of engaging strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, expressions, and drama. After a brief period, students will also speak only Spanish during Spanish class.

Students will receive seven years of dual language instruction and will become proficient bilinguals. Typically, immersion students develop greater cognitive flexibility, attention control, memory, primary language skills, and problem-solving. In addition, dual language immersion students are more aware and positive about other cultures and people.

To demonstrate Spanish proficiency, our 2nd through 6th grade DLI students take STAMP assessment every year. This a standardized Spanish proficiency assessment and collectively, our students outperform the target benchmarks in listening, speaking, reading, and writing!

Starting in 2023-24, the dual language immersion program will move to middle school, where our students will receive two Spanish courses. DLI Spanish 3 (a full year dual credit class) and DLI Culture, History and Media (to prepare for the Spanish AP assessment).

The continued success of Warsaw's DLI program is a result of the ongoing commitment and efforts of WCS’ school board, administrators, the DLI teachers and support staff, and the students and families.

How do students get enrolled?

All incoming kindergarten families interested in DLI must have pre-registration and registration completed by June 1 in order to be entered in the DLI lottery, which is tentatively scheduled for June 7.

If families miss this kindergarten deadline (or are interested in joining the program in 1st or 2nd grade), they should contact the buildings directly to inquire about availability and waitlist information. Contact information can be found on the building website (links below).

DLI Kindergarten Registration 2023 01 Submit Kindergarten Pre Registration information online by May 1 02 Complete WCS Registration online by June 1st 03 Wait for a phone call with lottery results on or after June 7th https://www.warsawschools.org/page/dual-language-immersion

Inscripcion DLI De Kinder 2023 01 Completar preinscripcion par internet antes del 1 de mayo 02 Completar la inscripcion de WCS por internet antes del 1 de junio 03 Esperar una llameda con los resultados de la loteria a partir del 7 de junio https://www.warsawschools.org/page/dual-language-immersion

Elementary: K-6th Grade Model. Content and proficiency based Two classrooms, two teachers. Subjects taught and/or reinforced in both languages: reading/language arts, science, math, social studies. Students spend 50% of instructional time learning in english and 50% in spanish. Registsration deadline: June 1 DLI Lottery: June 7. Proficiency based ACTFL Proficiency Standards: Spanish (Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing) Distinguished, superior, advanced high, advanced mid, advanced low, intermediate high, intermediate mid (6th grade target(, intermediate low, novice high, novice mid, novice low



Beginning in August 2016, Eisenhower launched its Dual Language Immersion program, offering students in Kindergarten and immersive experience in both English and Spanish languages. Now the program is offered K-6.

In the two-way DLI program, balanced numbers of English-speaking and native Spanish speaking students serve as the language models and learners. The program is currently offered K-4; by the 2024-25 school year, it will be offered through 6th grade.

Secondary DLI Plan

DLI Secondary Plan 7th-9th grade Content based . 7th Grade: DLI World Language 3, 2 semesters (HS Dual Credit)  DLI Culture, History, & Media 1 semester. 8th: DLI World Language 4 2 semesters (HS Dual Credit) DLI Culture, History, & MEdia 1 semester 8th grade international field trip. 9th: DLI World Language 5 AP, 2 semesters (AP Credit). DLI Culture, History, & Media 2 semesters * Option for Spanish AP Exam in 9th grade (typically taken in 11th or 12th).  DLI Secondary Plan: 10th-12th grade. Content Based. 10th: Spanish 301 (3rd year college course) 2 semesters (HS Dual Credit). 11th Spanish 302 (3rd year college course)  2 semesters (HS Dual Credit) 12th: Spanish 335 (3rd year college course) 2 semesters (HS Dual Credit) * Planning for 12th grade spanish internship opportunities. On-track students will graduate with indiana's certificate  of multilingual proficiency and only need one-two courses for a spanish minor. Image of DLI students posing with a trifold display, proficiency standards graphic, and smiling dli students. QR code in bottom right "want to know more? SCAN ME".

Lakeview Middle School

Starting in 2023-24, the Dual Language Immersion program will move to Lakeview Middle School. 7th grade DLI students will receive two Spanish courses; DLI Spanish 3 (a full year dual credit class) and DLI Culture, History and Media (a half-year course to prepare for the Spanish AP assessment).

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