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Madison Elementary Principal Ben Barkey recognized twenty-seven 5th-grade students, one-third of the grade level, who scored a 230 or higher on the NWEA. This assessment helps Indiana schools use data to drive instruction aligned to state standards. With these results, teachers identify each student’s learning needs, adjust instruction effectively with progress monitoring, and support skills mastery.

This achievement is to be congratulated as the highest on record in recent years for Madison Elementary.  While an average growth on a typical year is 10 points, many students grew as many as 27 points over this year; that’s a three-year leap! With this accomplishment, parents can schedule their child in 6th grade to take pre-algebra online with support from Edgewood Middle School math teacher Sam Wysong.

When a student advances in a math course at the elementary level, it opens up courses in middle school and consequently in high school. That translates into opportunities to take college-credit courses and/or internships as they progress through their career pathway. Over three hundred students at WCHS earned college credits in 2020 saving families over a million dollars.

Principal Ben Barkey noted, “Results have come from teaching standards, focusing on mastery of standards, cycling back to offer individual remediation, and not allowing students to opt-out. Coupled with great strategies like effective and timely feedback, rigor, student relationships, common formative assessments, and creating a positive classroom culture where students are ready to perform with a growth mindset, we’ve witnessed significant growth.”

Congratulations to 5th-grade students and their amazing teachers Kari Asay, Grant Henrikse, and Ashleigh Madden.

  1. Judea Adkins

  2. London Rolon

  3. MacKynzie Logan

  4. Luke Diaz

  5. Login Jones

  6. Principal Ben Barkey

  7. Brahdee Taylor

  8. Chloe Roberts

  9. Braxton Witmer

  10. Kendrick Stookey

  11. Malakai Lloyd

  12. Aspen Stanley

  13. Mitchell Weeks

  14. Harli Defries

  15. Lukas Nicely

  16. Fisher Whitaker

  17. Eli Salsgiver

  18. Cecelia Mesman

  19. Josve garcia

  20. Sunny Sellers

  21. Sophia Morales

  22. Brayden Boose

  23. Andrew Hankins

24. Kayla Browning

25. Lyla Mow

26. Tyler Cox

27. Nolan Himes

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