Tiger Tuesday Experience

πŸ“Ή WCS YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKExperience Pillar, Strategic Plan

Join Ben Barkey, Director of WACC/ Principal, and April Fitterling, Chief Financial Officer, to hear more about the WCS Experience Pillar - one part of our Strategic Plan.

"Through experiences both inside and outside of the Warsaw community, our students will gain applied skills to confidently pursue goals and successfully advance in their focused pathway. "

The goals are: 
Connect Students with Professionals

  • Engage students and professionals in workplace-based discussions and demonstrations.

Create a Progression of Work-Based Learning 

  • Provide sequential experiential learning opportunities that build and expand as a student progresses from Kindergarten through senior year in high school.  

Create Transparency with Pathway Portfolios 

  • Document each student’s selected pathway in a portfolio, including relevant courses, work-based learning, co-curricular activities, and athletics. 

Create Incentives for Students to Pursue Opportunities 

  • Inspire students to pursue real-world experiences.  

Have a Terrific Tiger Tuesday!
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